Updated VerseVIEW Lower Third theme to support Arabic language properly. As you know Arabic language is written from right to left. This creates an additional challenge to support Arabic Bible with English Bible as the second translation as one is from right to left and the other is from left to right.

VerseVIEW PC software has features to generate lower thirds screens which are available over the local network. This can be integrated with live streaming software such as OBS, Wirecast, vMix. VerseVIEW provides 6 lower third themes as part of the installation. More information can be found here on the setup of remote lower thirds feature.

The theme6/g has been customized to support Arabic

Reference in Arabic and English, the verse in Arabic only

Please contact us at verseview@gmail.com, if you are interested in adding Arabic to you church live stream.

Special thanks to Brother Georges M. in setting this for his church.

Please visit the Facebook page for Life Changing Truth Ministry.


VerseVIEW Remote Lower Thirds at Life Changing Truth Ministry, Beirut, Lebanon
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