10.0.0 #26
Video and still media playback feature
Importing of Zefania XML Bible to VV10
Improved presentation themes and bug fixes

10.0.0 #24
Minor bug fixes to search numbers in song title
Portrait theme suitable for vertical form videos
Fixed bug in stageview themes

10.0.0 #23
Added Advanced Bible search features
Added space in reference between chapter and verse in main presentation
Fixed bug where the verse does not scroll to the correct one
New stageview theme for new installations
Fixed bug when switching verse presentations from main verses and scheduled verses
Add feature for Malayalam transliteration of songs.

10.0.0 #22
Fixed issue with missing song lyrics after importing
Fixed issue with the bible reference when coming from schedule
Fixed issue of revision number not updating 

10.0.0 #21
VV10 available for Windows, Mac and Linux
Stageview and remote lower thirds can be enabled without the main presentation
Fixed issue with adding fonts for Bible and songs.
Fixed the book names in presentation to show in primary and secondary languages
Additional features to customize the main presentation
Added themes to the stageview presentation to include lower thirds
Added one video background as part of installation
Better Malayalam font available
Fixed adding Bible database on Mac
VerseVIEW 10 Release Notes

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