Back in 2006, I recognized the benefit of a Software that could present Bible verses in English and Malayalam on the same screen. Since then I have developed different versions of the software to arrive at the current version of VerseVIEW. The software architecture supports multiple versions of the Bible.

This started as a small tool for my church (PPCD) but now benefits several churches, ministries and individuals around the world. VerseVIEW 3.0 is free and available to be used for the Glory of God.

Nov 2008: Released VerseVIEW 2.0 for public use.

Jan 2009: The 1,000th download of VerseVIEW occurs.IMG_2711

Mar 2009: The 2,000th download of VerseVIEW occurs.

May 2009: Released VerseVIEW 3.0 for public use.

Dec 2009: The 4,000th download of VerseVIEW occurs.

Jun 2010: The 5,000th download of VerseVIEW occurs.

Jun 2010: Released VerseVIEW 4 for public use.

Oct 2010: Over 6,000 downloads. Released VerseVIEW 4.5 for public use.

Jan 2011: Over 7,000 downloads. Released VerseVIEW 5 for public use.

Jan  2012: Over 13,000 downloads. Released VerseVIEW Mobile Bible and Malayalam Song Book Android app and web app.

2012: Mr. Abraham George from Doha, Qatar created the lyrics database for Malayalam and Hindi songs along with the English transliteration for VerseVIEW.

June 2012: Released VerseVIEW 6.0 for Windows and MAC

2013: Mr. Jaimon Kuriakose from Thrissur, India started supporting VerseVIEW with some of the graphics work for VerseVIEW

June 2014: Released version 5.2 of VerseVIEW Christian Songbook

Oct 2014: Crossed 50,000 downloads on the VerseVIEW Mobile Bible for Android

Oct 2014: Over 50,000 downloads. Released VerseVIEW 6.5 for Windows and MAC

Oct 2014: Crossed 100,000 download on the VerseVIEW Songbook app for Android

Dec 2014: Mr. Sam Mathew started helping with creating Tamil song database for VerseVIEW

Dec 2014: Released version 6.0 of VerseVIEW Songbook app

July 2015: Mr. Deepu Thomas started helping with the VerseVIEW Mobile Bible software effort and other software tools to build database in various languages.

Jan 2016: Interview about VerseVIEW by Thoolika TV

Jan 2016: Released version 6.0 of VerseVIEW Mobile Bible app with downloadable Bible

March 2016: Mr. Prasanna Souza started helping with creating Kannada song database for VerseVIEW.

April 2016: Released version 6.6 of VerseVIEW PC software for Windows/MAC

Jun 2016: Released version 7.0 of VerseVIEW Songbook app

Aug 2016: Mr. Sijo Paul from Dubai, started helping with social media aspects of VerseVIEW.

Sept 2017: Started the effort to compile chord progression for all the common Malayalam songs and released the Songbook web application with music chords.

Sept 2017: Mr. Wilson Thoppil started supporting the music chords effort for VerseVIEW songbook.

Jan 2018:  Mr. Jerry George and Mr. Manu Prasad started supporting VerseVIEW to create promotional videos and testing upcoming releases of PC software.

Jan 2018: Mr. Godly Alias started supporting VerseVIEW with support software.

July 2018: Released Songbook application with much chords for Android

Dec 2018: Releases VerseVIEW 7.0 for Windows and Mac

2019: Added stageview video output with VerseVIEW

2019: Updated Songbook app and Bible app with new UI

2020: Added remote lower thirds feature to integrate advanced themes for live stream 

Dec 2020: Added word search for VerseVIEW Bible app

May 2021: Created English transliteration of Malayalam Bible and integrated with VerseVIEW Mobile Bible app

May 2021: Released VerseVIEW 8.0 with chords feature and auto transliteration feature for Malayalam

VerseVIEW website has been visited by people from almost every country in the world