This blog is to outline the customizations that have been done for the lower thirds design at Exodus Church , Cochin, Kerala, India.

VerseVIEW PC software has features to generate lower thirds screens which are available over the local network. This can be integrated with live streaming software such as OBS, Wirecast, vMix. VerseVIEW provides 6 lower third themes as part of the installation. More information can be found here on the setup of remote lower thirds feature.

These themes can be partially or fully customized to match the color and lighting of your live stream video. The media team at Exodus Church has customized the themes for displaying song lyrics and Bible verses for their Malayalam service.

Song lyrics in two lines
Verse displayed with reference on top

The media team at Exodus church made the following customization

  1. Created custom PNG file for the background color
    1. The theme folder has a configure file. Edit that file in notepad or your favorite text editor.
    2. There is one that references the theme background graphics.
      var backgroundFilename2Line = ‘./img/e11.png’;
    3. Create new PNG file in the /img folder and update the name in the configure file.
  2. Update text font and color
    1. The configure file has other fields for font and color
      var vv_text_color1 = “white”;
      var vv_ref_color = “black”; — Sets the reference color to black
      var newFont1 = “Manjari”; — Changes the default font

Big thanks to the media team at Exodus Church for using VerseVIEW for presentation and for adding lower thirds in the live stream. Please visit their YouTube channel and Facebook page for their English and Malayalam services and Daily Empowering Word sessions.

Remote Lower Thirds for Live Stream at Exodus Church, Cochin
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