Chords progression

  • Chords for 500+ Malayalam Songs
  • Feature to add multiple verses of chords
  • Transpose chords
  • Information on chords such as tempo, time signature, beat patterns
  • Piano and guitar help on playing the chords

Latest Song Database

  • 3000+ Malayalam Song Lyrics with transliteration and TAGS (Database compiled and desinged to be used with VerseVIEW only)
  • 1000+ Hindi songs
  • Song lyrics in other languages including Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Bengali, Arabic, Spanish, Russian
  • Advanced features for users to add song lyrics

Latest Bible Database

  • Completed edited (spelling corrected) Malayalam Bible with Unicode font
  • Unicode version of other Bible text such as Hindi, Tamil, Telugu.
  • Bible database for various non-indic languages

Adding / Editing Song Lyrics

  • Add and filter with tags (WORSHIP,HOLY COMMUNION)
  • Save as a new song
  • Alternative title
  • Easy method to convert song lyrics into slides (by placing double enters)
  • Re-arrange, add, duplicate slides
  • Automatically generate English transliteration of Malayalam songs

Improved Song Lyrics search

  • Auto search with title
  • Click to search the lyrics
  • Highlight matching search text in the lyrics
  • Search via tags and author

Improved 1/3rd view for Live Stream

  • Additional video output to generate the Bible and Lyrics text on the lower 1/3rd to be layered with Live stream software such as OBS or as an input to video mixers such as ATEM
  • Video output will show as full screen or in window mode
  • Show only two lines per slide to make the text over the video readable
  • Semi transparent background on the lower 1/3rd
  • Advanced and fully customizable lower third themes over the network.

Remote VerseVIEW

  • Use any mobile device with a web browser to control Bible presentation and scheduled songs presentation
  • VerseVIEW Messenger to easily communicate between choir members and media
  • Lower third feature with advanced themes over network. More Information
  • Interface for Remote VerseVIEW is available to develop custom interface for your church. Please contact at for more information.

Features of VerseVIEW