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Creating Bible Database for VerseVIEW


This information should help in creating XML Bible Database for VerseVIEW. VerseVIEW uses XML to store the verse of the Bible and other information. The following is an example of the header for spanish_reina.xml file.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<title>Spanish Reina Valera</title>
<font>Arial Unicode MS</font>
<copyright>Public Domain</copyright>
 <v>En el principio creó Dios los cielos y la tierra.</v>

The first line is a standard header. The encoding field can be changed if the text is not in UTF-8 encoding.

The “fname” field should match the name of the file.

The “revision” field is numeric and needs to be updated when new revisions are created.

The “title” field is what shows in the VerseVIEW setup screen.

The “font” field defines the font for the text. From version 4 on, this field is comma separated and the user can select the desired font from VerseVIEW.

The “copyright” field is what shows at the bottom of the presentation screen.

The “sizefactor” field is not implemented yet.

Use the “b” tag defines the books. The “c” tag defines the chapter and “v” tag defines the verse. Each of the verses are within the “v” tag.

Please feel free to add your notes and comments to improve this procedure

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