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VerseVIEW 6 What is VerseVIEW ? VerseVIEW is a Bible and Song presentation software which will benefit your Church service, Ministry and personal devotion. It enables one to display Bible verses and song lyrics...


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About VerseVIEW on Thoolika TV

Posted on : 01-01-2016 | By : admin | In : VerseVIEW



VerseVIEW is a collection of free software applications that brings the Bible and Song lyrics in various languages to your computer and your mobile devices. With the PC version you can use it to present Bible verses and Song lyrics on the projector screen in various languages to benefit churches and christian ministries and individuals around the world to read the Word of God. The purpose of VerseVIEW is to provide the Word of God in various languages with the digital technology. All the VerseVIEW software are free.



VerseVIEW has 3 applications.

VerseVIEW for Windows and Apple computers

  • VerseVIEW is used to present Bible verses and Song lyrics on the projector screen with beautiful backgrounds similar to powerpoint.
  • This version supports over 40 languages of Bible. The most common usage is with various Indian languages such as Malayalam, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, English. Other languages include, Chinese, Arabic, Romanian, Spanish, Tagalog, Farsi. The Bible verses are displayed in choice of two languages on the same projector or TV screen.
  • This software supports presenting Song lyrics and it comes preloaded with over 1500 Malayalam christian song lyrics, over 500 Hindi, Tamil song lyrics each. Most of these songs have English transliteration and both can be shown on the projector screen.
  • This software is used in churches to present the Bible verses and Songs on the projector screen. Individuals also use it at home to read Bible in two languages as a parallel Bible.
  • This software has a very fast search feature and the user could search for any word or phrase in the Bible text. This is very beneficial when preparing a message.
  • VerseVIEW has features to schedule verses and songs for the meeting. This way it is easy to access it.
  • VerseVIEW has feature for the user to take notes for the Bible verse.
  • Users can add and edit song lyrics.


VerseVIEW Songbook for Android and iPhones

  • This application is preloaded with over 1500 Malayalam, and over 500 Hindi, Tamil  song lyrics
  • Most songs have English transliteration. This helps many younger generation to sing the song.
  • On the Android version, some songs have links to play the song on Youtube
  • Users can easily bookmark songs
  • This application is used many to sing song at church and at home


VerseVIEW Mobile Bible for Android and iPhone

  • Users can read upto 3 translations as parallel Bible
  • Translations include, English KJV, Malayalam, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. Also Kannada on Android version.
  • Feature to find the related verses for any verses
  • We can add notes to the verses
  • Bookmark verses
  • Share verses via emails, message, or on social media.



Initial versions of VerseVIEW software was created around 2006-2007 time frame. This was created as a small tool for my church (Philadelphia Pentecostal Church of Dallas IPC) to show English and Malayalam Bible verses on the projector screen at the same time.

Many people were interested in it. There was no other software that did the same. Due to positive interest, this software was released to the public in 2008 for Windows and MAC computers.

Since then, various version of the software have been released along with adding presentation of song lyrics. In 2012, the software was extended to add applications on Android and iPhone/iPad devices.



  • PC software – over 100,000
  • Songbook application – over 150,000
  • Mobile Bible application – over 100,000



Over time few individuals have volunteered their time to help with the VerseVIEW effort. Individuals have have seen benefits of VerseVIEW and contacted me to be part of this effort. These are people from around the world. We use emails and phone conversations to work together over various aspects of the VerseVIEW. We are all doing this during our free time and it is all to glorify our Lord. These are the people who are very involved with VerseVIEW effort.

  • Bro. Abraham George. He resides in Doha – He manages all the Malayalam, Hindi, Tamil song lyrics database. When we receive new Malayalam songs or corrections, he would type the song and also add the transliteration to English for the songs. He also helps create material for the VerseVIEW Facebook page.
  • Bro. Deepu Thomas. He lives in Kansas City – He is helping with the software effort. He has created tools to help build the song lyrics database. He is currently helping with updating the VerseVIEW Mobile Bible application to add more translations and other exciting features.
  • Bro. Jaimon Kuriakose. He is from Thrissur – He is a talented graphics artist and helps with the graphics work for VerseVIEW. He has created the icons and splash screens for the VerseVIEW application. He has also created graphics for promotional material for VerseVIEW.

There are other volunteers who have helped:

Rohan from Mumbai helps with creating content for VerseVIEW page on Facebook
Sam Mathew from Tamil Nadu helped with creating part of the Tamil Song lyrics database
Johan from St. Petersburg helped with Russian song lyrics database

My family is very happy to see how VerseVIEW has impacted many people and churches. They are very encouraging, supportive and pray for the VerseVIEW effort



  • VerseVIEW is extensively used in South Indian churches around the world.
  • VerseVIEW is used with Farsi Bible translations in Sweden among immigrant Iranian christians.
  • VerseVIEW is used with Arabic Bible and Song lyrics in various Arabic churches in the US and Egypt.
  • VerseVIEW is used in bilingual Spanish/English churches in the US and South America.
  • VerseVIEW is used in Chinese Bible translation to create slides to spread the Gospel
  • VerseVIEW is used with Mongolian translation in few churches in Mongolia.

The christian community hears about VerseVIEW from their friends and family or they would see it at a church. Then they would contact me via email.

A missionary working in China uses VerseVIEW PC software to create slides in Chinese and English.

There are Arabic churches in the US and Egypt that use verseview to present verses in Arabic and English

There are Romanian churches around the US that use VerseVIEW.


Plan for VerseVIEW is to continue to improve the software to help churches and christian ministries and individuals and communities with Bible and Song lyrics on their computers and mobile devices.

The plan to to keep VerseVIEW free of charge.

My request is to pray for the VerseVIEW efforts and help promote VerseVIEW to those who might find it useful.


I am very grateful to Thoolika TV and their wonderful team for this chance to talk about VerseVIEW.


God Bless you.

VerseVIEW Facebook page



Invite friends to VerseVIEW Facebook page

Posted on : 05-09-2013 | By : admin | In : VerseVIEW


Thank you for your interest in VeseVIEW. Please promote VerseVIEW to your friends and family.

On the VerseVIEW Facebook page, invite your friends to join VerseVIEW.


Thank you
Binu Joseph

VerseVIEW 4 Released!!

Posted on : 27-06-2010 | By : admin | In : VerseVIEW


VerseVIEW 4 Released

Features include Verse Presentation in multiple translations, Word Search, Chapter / Topic Notes and many more…

VerseVIEW 4 – Screenshots

Posted on : 27-06-2010 | By : admin | In : VerseVIEW



Navigation showing English and Hindi

Navigation with single translation


Chapter and Topic Notes

Notes Entry


Word Search


Verse Schedule


Background and Font Color Selection


Presentation - English / Malayalam

Primary Translation

Presentation - English / Spanish

Presentation in English / Romanian

Presentation in English and Hindi

Creating Bible Database for VerseVIEW

Posted on : 04-05-2010 | By : admin | In : HowTo, VerseVIEW


This information should help in creating XML Bible Database for VerseVIEW. VerseVIEW uses XML to store the verse of the Bible and other information. The following is an example of the header for spanish_reina.xml file.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<title>Spanish Reina Valera</title>
<font>Arial Unicode MS</font>
<copyright>Public Domain</copyright>
 <v>En el principio creó Dios los cielos y la tierra.</v>

The first line is a standard header. The encoding field can be changed if the text is not in UTF-8 encoding.

The “fname” field should match the name of the file.

The “revision” field is numeric and needs to be updated when new revisions are created.

The “title” field is what shows in the VerseVIEW setup screen.

The “font” field defines the font for the text. From version 4 on, this field is comma separated and the user can select the desired font from VerseVIEW.

The “copyright” field is what shows at the bottom of the presentation screen.

The “sizefactor” field is not implemented yet.

Use the “b” tag defines the books. The “c” tag defines the chapter and “v” tag defines the verse. Each of the verses are within the “v” tag.

Please feel free to add your notes and comments to improve this procedure