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Burmese Bible Translation for VerseVIEW

Posted on : 07-11-2014 | By : admin | In : Translations


nav_john3_16_burmese_page john3_16_burmese_sm






VerseVIEW supports Burmese Bible Translation. Burmese is the official language of Myanmar (Burma)

The following are the steps to install VerseVIEW with Burmese translation.


    1) Install the PadaukOT font for Burmese [DOWNLOAD FONT]
    2) Download and install Adobe AIR 3.9
    3) Download and install VerseVIEW 6.5

4a) Download the Burmese Bible database file [DOWNLOAD] and unzip the file
    4b) Open VerseVIEW, then click on Bible > Add Version from the top menu
    4c) Select the unzipped file and click OPEN. Then click CLOSE on the “Bible Version Manager” dialog box.
    4d) Then click Bible > Select Version from the top menu and select version 2 as Burmese and click SAVE.
    There after, VerseVIEW will open with English KJV and Burmese translations every time. We can choose any two translations to be displayed on VerseVIEW Navigation and Presentation.

Contact verseview@yahoo.com for any questions or comments.

Bible database provided by Wordproject.org

Posted on : 26-12-2013 | By : admin | In : Translations, VerseVIEW 6


The following Bible translations have been compiled by wordproject.org

Steps to install this Bible Database

  1. Download and unzip the database file
  2. Open VerseVIEW and click on Bible > Manage Bible from the top menu
  3. Click on ADD and select the unzipped XML database file.
  4. Click OPEN and it will add to the database.
  5. To change the translation, click on Bible > Select Version from the top menu and change Version 1 or 2 as needed. And click SAVE.

Updated on 12/25/2013

  1. Bengali (2.3MB)
  2. Gujarati (2.3MB)
  3. Marathi (2.3MB)
  4. Oriya (2.3MB)
  5. Punjabi (2.4MB)
  6. Urdu (1.6MB)

Updated on 12/25/2013

  1. Afrikaans (1.3MB)
  2. Amharic (1.5MB)
  3. Luganda (1.2MB)
  4. Somali (1.4MB)
  5. Swahili (1.2MB)
  6. Xhosa (1.3MB)
  7. Zulu (1.2MB)

Updated on 12/25/2013

  1. Bulgarian (1.7MB)
  2. Croatian (1.3MB)
  3. Czech (1.4MB)
  4. Danish (1.3MB)
  5. Dutch (1.4MB)
  6. German (1.3MB)
  7. Hungarian (1.4MB)
  8. Ukrainian (1.7MB)

South East Asia
Updated on 12/25/2013

  1. Indonesian (1.4MB)
  2. Thai (2.2MB)
  3. Vietnamese (1.4MB)


Korean Bible Database

Posted on : 23-12-2012 | By : admin | In : Translations, VerseVIEW 6


Added Korean Bible Database

Download (1.5MB, 12/23/2012)









VerseVIEW apoiar Português

Posted on : 25-10-2010 | By : admin | In : Translations, VerseVIEW 4.5


VerseVIEW – Gratuita Software suporta Bíblia Português Bíblia (João Ferreira de Almeida Atualizada). VerseVIEW pode ser usado para apresentar os versículos da Bíblia na Igreja e para a leitura da Bíblia em casa.

Por favor, veja as fotos abaixo.

Se você precisar de alguma ajuda com a instalação VerseVIEW, por favor me envie um e-mail. Além disso, se você encontrou VerseVIEW útil, por favor avise seus amigos e familiares sobre VerseVIEW.

Binu (verseview@yahoo.com)

VerseVIEW – Free Bible Software supports Portuguese Bible (João Ferreira de Almeida Atualizada). VerseVIEW can be used to present Bible verses in Church and for reading Bible at home.

Please see the pictures below.

If you need any help with VerseVIEW setup, please send me an email. Also, if you found VerseVIEW useful, please tell your friends and family about VerseVIEW.

Added Kannada Bible (WBTC) Translation

Posted on : 02-10-2010 | By : admin | In : Translations


Kannada Bible translation from World Bible Translation Center (WBTC) has been added to VerseVIEW.  It also contains word/phrase search database.

Download Kannada Bible (WBTC) for VerseVIEW
Download Kannada Bible Search Database

Kannada Bible Text: Copyright permission obtained from World Bible Translation Center